What is the essence of the technique FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

In the course of development of hair growth, it can be noted that the hair grows in the amount of about 1 to 4 hair in a single source of hair birth. Each of these beams is a follicle.
The technique FUE is the individual fence of each follicle from the donor area, characterized by a strong capillary density(mainly the Crown of Hippocrates) for their subsequent implantation into the so-called “accepted” area, characterized by a small capillary density (the area of skin devoid of hair cover)
The follicle intake can be performed in three different ways:
-FUE performed by a manual method
-FUE performed by a motorized means of performing an intervention procedure
-Automated way FUE

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What is the preoperative consultation?

Initial consultation involves three phases: the implementation of the survey, the implementation of the diagnosis of the capillary state and the nature of the upcoming project of the procedure for the intervention.

The implementation of the survey will mainly identify the earlier manifestations of alopecia in the patient or close relatives, the time of occurrence and nature of alopecia, identify the search for reasons that could be underlying, or loss, or favoring their loss. Prior to this, all procedures and prescribed interventions were performed according to prescribed appointments.

Diagnostics of the capillary state is performed with the help of an enlarging camera using a special program that allows you to accurately determine the quality of the “Crown of Hippocrates”, the elasticity of the hairline, the degree of alopecia, the density of follicles per 2 square centimeters, the thickness of hair and the sebumetry of the hair.

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Plan of procedures

During the consultation, a plan of procedures will be defined, it will also allow for more accurate identification of the follicles needed for each specific case, taking into account the availability of the donor area, use of the most adapted technique (FUE/FUT) and the number of procedures required to conduct the intervention.

After the consultation, you will have :
- an informative presentation of the results of the capillary survey
- the document the content of which details the nature of the type of intervention proposed, its merits and possible shortages
- an exact estimate of the cost, where the price for the performance of the technique itself, the number of hair for transplantation and the total cost of the intervention will be indicated
- the signing of informed consent confirming the receipt of comprehensive information and notification of all conditions for intervention
- for the procedure may require an initial blood test

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What are the basic steps in the procedure for Hair Transplantation using the technique FUE?

Hair transplantation using the technique of FUE involves the implementation of certain stages among which is implied:
• implementation of local anesthesia in the donor area
• the procedure for the removal of follicles
• implementation of the follicle implantation procedure using the special Choi technique

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How is the procedure of local anesthesia of the Donor Area?

A sedative drug of a minor nature will be prescribed 30 minutes before the intervention to achieve a feeling of more relaxed state. Local anesthesia is performed by subcutaneous injection with reference to the donor area. During injections, a tool is applied that exerts a vibrating effect on the skin: this allows you to distract the brain from the vibration that is being performed, and not to the injections that are being made, which makes it most comfortable for you to perform this stage of the procedure. .

How is the follicle sampling procedure?

With the use of the FUE technique, we perform a targeted sampling of each follicle with a micro-tool for excising the skin with a diameter of 0.9 mm. The very small size of this tool allows you not to leave any scar on the donor area.

When we perform FUE procedures with a special motorized device that is ideally suited for the procedure of hair transplantation: the rotation mechanism is programmed to perform the order of 400 revolutions per minute which allows thus to reduce the time of the intervention while ensuring the optimal quality of the collection of transplants.
After this, the follicle is carefully extracted with a micro-napkin and stored in frozen serum.

What are the transplanted follicles?
Choi Technique

We perform follicular transplantation using the Choi injector. It allows simultaneous puncture and graft implantation.

For this, follicle is placed accurately in the injector Choi, after which the surgeon performs the introduction of the follicle at a certain angle and at a precisely defined depth, which allows achieving a reliable and natural result.



What important prescriptions should be observed before carrying out the procedure of transplantation using the technique FUE?

- Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs within 10 days prior to the intervention. In cases of headaches, you can take paracetamol (Doliprane or Efferalgan).
- If you have a habit of dyeing your hair, follow this procedure 4 days before the intervention.The next painting can be performed 3 weeks after the hair transplant procedure
- Try to avoid smoking within one week before the intervention..
- You should wash your hair in the morning on the day of the intervention with the usual everyday shampoo.
- Take a dense breakfast in the morning for the intervention.
- Bring the prescribed blood test results.
- On the day of the intervention, outer clothing should be able to be fully un fastened and not have a closed collar such as T-shirt or polo.o.
- Provide a headgear for dressing after the intervention.

Should I shave my head before the procedure of hair transplantation using FUE technique?

It is possible to consider three options:
- No shaving(Unshaved FUE): it’s a completely new evolutionary technique that allows you to perform up to 800 transplants in one session without requiring shaving the donor area. Ideal for performing an intervention procedure to eliminate bays or a small manifestation of tonsure.
- Shaving a certain area: we performed the procedure of partial hair removal of the donor area by means of small adhesive tapes. While the length of the hair should be at least 6 cm to completely hide the traces of the intervention of this nature. So, this technique allows you to keep an unchanged appearance after the procedure.
Restriction of this option is the number of transplants whose number is about 1200.
- Shaving the whole area: shaving of the entire donor area is prescribed in the case when the number of required transplants is greater than 1200. In a classic way, we consider the surface of a shaved skin as 200 square centimeters which allows 1000 follicles to be sampled.

What is the duration is the procedure of transplantation using FUE technique?

- The procedure of intervention is about 4 hours for the transplantation of 1000 follicles (corresponding to an average of 2500 hair), 7 hours for 2000 follicles. Interventions superior to the performance of transplantation of more than 3000 follicles are performed in 2 days

What are the prescriptions to follow after the procedure for hair transplantation?

- Applicable to compliance with the requirements are:
- Timely taking of medicines prescribed in view of your medical prescription.
- Apply a small amount of saline to areas affected every 2 hours throughout the day.
- It is possible to perform tampon wetting the fence area but in no case rub it.
- You can wear a baseball cap or hat, but you should take into account that the front edge of the cap or hat does not come into contact with the area of intervention. While at the contact with the donor area (the back part) there are no problems.
- You will be recommended to sleep for the first two nights on the back with a slight raising of the head with a lining of one or two pillows to eliminate the likelihood of the edema of the forehead and glaucoma.
- The first shampoo procedure can be performed after 48 hours: you are self-moisturizing the scalp with a warm water jet of not too strong tension with the usual everyday shampoo, initially, the head is washed from the back part, after which the foam composition is accurately applied to the area of hair transplantation with a very light massage at the same time, after that it will be possible to apply moisturizing tampons on the head with a napkin without performing rubbing, after that you can achieve the optimal condition of the hair provided the outside air.
- It is not recommended any special diet
- Return to professional life after 1-2 days.
- Exercise is not recommended for achieving complete elimination of crusts.
- Visit your hairdresser maybe 3 weeks after the procedure.

What are the main effects that can occur after the procedure of hair transplantation using FUE technique?

Small crusts will form in the areas of the performed procedure. They should not be removed; they themselves gradually disappear when taking a shower for 7-10 days. Small-sized transplanted hair implants will be subject to fallout over a period of several weeks. This in no way should bother you because the transplanted hair follicles remain in your hairline and give new hair growth starting from 3 months.
A small edema in the forehead area can be observed and disappears on average within 5 days. There may also be a slight numbness in the areas of intervention, this fully occurs within a few weeks.

When can we expect the result of hair regrowth?

After carrying out the transplant procedure, small-sized transplanted hair implants will be subject to fallout during a period of several weeks, and new hair will begin to grow from the third month.

What are the risks and possible complications of this procedure?

The emergence of a localized infection is eliminated by taking antibiotics and topical agents.

What are the advantages of FUE hair transplantation technique in comparison with the FUT technique when performing the donor area of the follicle with the help of a bandage tape?

The main advantages of the technique FUE are:
- absence of visible scar in the donor area
- the rapidity of the scarring process of the donor area is on the order of several days
- practical and painless technique with a very small nature of postoperative discomfort due to the absence of scar.
- aesthetic optimal and natural result achieved due to the fineness of the nature of transplants.

What are the shortages of the technique of FUE hair transplantation in comparison with the FUT technique?

The FUE procedure is more time consuming which means a longer duration in terms of time

What is the price of hair transplantation using the FUE technique?

5800 €.


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