What kind of patients may require this type of intervention?

This intervention is intended for patients who are not obese in whom there is localized fat deposition resistant to diet and exercise

What is the purpose of this intervention?

Lipoaspiration is an ideal intervention that should be part of a comprehensive plan to improve a healthy lifestyle, which in the first place is to check the diet and the inclusion of regular physical activity.

These two first measures will make the figure more slender in a natural way. After this lipoaspiration is activated to perform the final removal of localized fat deposits left unaffected by the diet and physical activity. Women traditionally have such areas as fat fold around the waist, breeches, inner hips and inner surfaces of the knees. In men, speech is usually more about the abdominal band.

What is the difference from cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is best suited for palm size fat deposits. Larger fat deposits undergo liposuction.

There is also a difference in terms of effectiveness: liposuction allows you to achieve a true reduction in the subcutaneous fat layer with very clear results; the results observed with cryolipolysis are usually much more modest.

Also the two procedures are very different in terms of consequences after their realization: cryolipolysis is not accompanied by any exclusion from socio-professional vital activity or painful sensations, whereas with liposuction, there are usually pains such as aches in the course of about ten days and also ecchymosis in the areas subjected to intervention, the degree of manifestation of which is individual for each patient.

In brief liposuction is a surgical intervention that allows you to radically and very effectively eliminate fatty deposits of large size with postoperative consequences requiring a patient’s rest for about ten days. Cryolipolysis allows the easy intervention to eliminate a very clearly localized, unaesthetic fold of small size: the consequences after the procedure are very simple in nature.

What are the main stages of lipoaspiration ?

Intervention is preceded by the implementation of preoperative markings that allow one to clarify with the patient the areas of intervention

Short cuts of 3-4 millimeters are performed which will most often be hidden in the natural fold.

Lipoaspiration will be performed in depth and superficially with the help of a cannula of different calibers.

The amount of extracted fat must of course be adapted to the quality of the overlying skin, which is one of the fundamental factors determining the quality of the result.

At the end of the intervention a modeling compress is applied to limit postoperative edema with individually selected panty or elastic bandages..

Duration of intervention: from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of areas to be affected.

What kind of anesthesia is required for lipoaspiration ?

ULipoaspiration of one zone is performed under a deep local anesthesia with intravenous administration of tranquilizers. Together with this if the number of areas is significant, general anesthesia is applied

What duration of hospitalization is required after lipoaspiration ?

The intervention can be performed “out-patiently” with the possibility of leaving the clinic on the same day after several hours of follow-up. Together with if the number of areas is significant, hospitalization may be recommended for one night.

How usually is the recovery period after the intervention?

Edema and ecchymosis may occur, the degree of severity of which and duration are manifested in each person in different ways. Return to normal socio-professional life is made possible, in general, 10 days after the intervention.

What is the price of breast lipoaspiration ?

The price of lipoaspiration varies between 3400 euros and 5800 euros.

Example of one of the cases of Lipoaspiration


This patient asked for advice on the aesthetic request concerning the area of breeches. Her main request was exclusively the zone breeches. She complained about too strong protrusion of this area which created to her huge inconveniences at dressing. The patient wanted to reduce this area as much as possible and reach her harmonious state with hips.

The examination revealed the presence in the patient of a significant accumulation of fat in this area that is not at all in harmony with her hips. As for the skin, we noted already formed cellulite with a typical manifestation of orange peel. We suggested that the patient perform a lipoaspiration of the breeches which will improve and lead the figure into a harmonious state. We clarified that this intervention will not improve the cellulite appearance of her skin.

This intervention allowed the local elimination of the fatty deposits of the breeches with a significant improvement in the harmonious appearance of her silhouette.

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Before the intervention

· Consultation with your surgeon

· Consultation with the anesthesiologist

· Resolution of administrative issues: cost estimate, consent, photos

· Recommendations: quit smoking within 1 month before the intervention


· Anesthesia: general anesthesia

· Duration of intervention: 1-2 hours.

· You can leave the clinic on the same day after the intervention or the next day

After the intervention

· Care procedures: antiseptic for scars within 14 days

· Wearing of Panthy for 1 month

· Removal of threads: all threads are absorbable

· Exclusion from socio-professional activities: 10 days

· The final result achieved can be estimated after: 3 months


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