What kind of patients may require this type of intervention?

Skin booster injections are intended for patients wishing to improve the condition of their skin by returning to it the elasticity and tone performed in the conditions of the medical office after consultation and not leading to exclusion from socio-professional life activity. The expected effect is a natural result that is usually described by others as an attractive look or a fresh complexion.

Quel est l’objectif?

One of the manifestations of signs of aging is a decrease in the thickness of the skin that often leads to numerous violations of the structure of the skin caused by facial expressions.
This decrease in thickness of the skin is manifested in a special way in the lower third of the face in the region of formation of sagged skin of the classical type.
The skin booster’s feature compared to other fillers is the only fact that only it can smooth the skin without causing the volume effect.
It is an ideal means for intervening in the lower third of the face, an area where the excessive use of hyaluronic acid with a volumetric effect is strictly prohibited, which can provoke the manifestation of weighting the lower part of the face.
Also, the skin booster, thanks to its properties for restoring skin density without including a volume effect, is an ideal tool for intervening in the lower third of the face.

The most frequently performed types of correction can be divided into 4 categories:
Lower third of the face
Crow’s feet
Decollete zone
Inner arms

What you need to know about Skin Booster?

Skin Booster injections are performed in a medical office after consultation without the need for prior training. Injections are not painful and do not lead to exclusion from the ordinary lifestyle. The manifestation of edema in the area of the performed intervention can be observed during the first 15 days. This manifestation is of a temporary character in nature because of the lack of volumetric effect of the skin booster. Immediate resumption of socio-professional activity is possible after the session. The results are manifested gradually within 15 days.

Skin Booster is currently considered as a reference tool used in medical rejuvenation due to the fact that:
- It is completely absorbable with a duration in situ varying from 8 to 24 months
- Its biocompatibility makes it unnecessary to perform tests of the tolerability before performing injections (except for some special areas)
- Its side effects are minimal and exclusive

How is the classic session?

- A clinical examination is carried out with the analysis in photographs to compile an individual plan of procedures with the determination of the number of syringes needed.
- Local anesthesia with Emla* cream can be used: apply a thick layer on areas that will be exposed at least 40 minutes before the injection, this will help to reduce the painful sensations of the skin surface
- Disinfection of the area to be intervened
- Injections are performed with the help of micro needles and/or mini cannula with a blunt end
- Massage of injection areas with a soothing and nourishing cream
- Duration of the session: 15-45 minutes
- The conduct of a prophylactic session on average 1 time per 6 months allows maintaining the achieved results.

What procedures of an aesthetic nature can be performed in conjunction with this intervention ?

- Injections of botulinum toxin(Botox) into the forehead allow a significant and even complete reduction of wrinkles and wrinkles in a state of rest, without affecting the mobility of the forehead in various facial expressions (avoiding the expression of the ”frozen look”).
- - Injections of hyaluronic acid for the procedure of treatment the areas of swollen volumes due of the sagging of the face.
- Temporal lifting performed under local anesthesia can get rid of signs of lowering of the eyebrow, smooth out the crow’s feet and lightly fold the skin in the area of the temple and the outer part of the cheekbone.
- Blefaroplasty of the upper eyelids is performed under local anesthesia, allowing to eliminate the tired look (heavy or sagging eyelids), giving it a more open expression and freshness.
- Lifting of the lower part of the face, performed under local anesthesia makes possible to get rid of the signs of lowering the zygomatic area, which helps to achieve a visible effect of reducing the signs of aging of the middle third of the face, namely, cheeks, cheek sagging and nasolabial folds.

What should I do after the session?

After the session is recommended:
- Apply cold (ice cubes placed in a wet glove) within 24 hours
- Apply a soothing cream prescribed for the face area during first 7 days
- Avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs during first 2 days
- Sleep on the back with a slightly raised head during first 2 days
- Avoid squeezing areas exposed during first 5 days( mask or swimming goggles, bathing hats
- Avoid exposure to strong temperature on intervened areas.( sun, hamam, sauna) during first 5 days


B E F O R E     |    A F T E R




Allows a significant and even complete reduction of forehead wrinkles in a state of rest and without affecting the mobility of the forehead with different facial expressions.

Biostimulation by LED

These light rays reduce redness after injections and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen allowing to achieve a more fresh kind of skin.


Suspension of saggy skin of eyelids without surgical interventions


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