What kind of patients may require this type of intervention?

This intervention is intended for patients who have mammary hipoplasia, in other words, breast size considered insufficient in relation to the overall morphology of the patient. Mammary gland malnutrition is often very poorly perceived physically and psychologically by the patient who sees in her as a kind of attempt at expression of femininity and as a result of loss of self-confidence and poor health which in some cases may even lead to the formation of the most genuine inferiority complex.

What is the purpose of this intervention?

The purpose of this intervention is to perform an increase in the volume of the breast without using a prosthesis, by a natural and autologous procedure consisting in using the patient’s own fat: the expected result is the achievement of a more pronounced breast shape while remaining in perfect harmony with her figure.

What are the main stages of this intervention ?

A clear definition of the areas of fat sampling is performed during the preoperative consultation. The choice of these areas depends on the presence of excessive amounts of fat in them and the wishes of the patient.

Hidden in the natural fold of the dotted shape, a 3-mm-long cut allows the lipoaspiration of fat.

The collected fat is subject to centrifugation in order to remove unsuitable elements for use as transplants(unsuitable components for administration are the fat and blood included in the composition).

The injection of purified fat through the cannula into the breast area is performed superficially and at a certain depth

The application of the applied seams is carried out by absorbable filaments of small size.

The imposition of a modeling dressing is performed

Duration of the intervention: 2 hours

What kind of anesthesia is required for this intervention ?

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia.

What duration of hospitalization is required after the intervention?

The intervention is performed in the usual way “out-patiently” with the possibility of leaving the clinic on the same day after several hours of follow-up.

How usually is the recovery period after the intervention?

Painful sensations are usually noted in rare cases. Edema and ecchymosis, their degree of severity and duration are very much dependent on the development of each individual case, mainly this refers to the donor areas of fat sampling. Return to normal socio-professional life is made possible, in general, 10 days after the intervention.

What is the price of breast lipofilling ?

The price of breast lipofilling varies between 5800 and 6500 euros.

Example of one of the cases of Breast Lipofilling


This patient turned to us for advice with a view to performing procedures for interventions in the field of aesthetic breast surgery. She complained about the unsatisfactory volume of her breasts and she would like to see an increase in the size of the cup of her bra. The patient did not really like to resort to breast prostheses and also she complained about the average manifestation of sagging skin of the abdominal region.

This patient underwent an intervention to increase the breast with the injection of fat taken from the abdominal area.

This intervention allowed to achieve the desired size of the cone of the breast and to reduce the patient’s fat deposits.

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Before the intervention

· Consultation with your surgeon

· Consultation with the anesthesiologist

· Resolution of administrative issues: cost estimate, consent, photos

· Recommendations: quit smoking within 1 month before the intervention

Lipofilling mammaires

· Anesthesia: general anesthesia

· Duration of intervention: 1-2 hours.

· You can leave the clinic on the same day after the intervention or the next day

After the intervention

· Care procedures: antiseptic for scars 14 j

· Wearing a supporting bra for 1 month

· Removal of threads: all threads are absorbable

· Exclusion from socio-professional activities: 7 days

· The final result achieved can be estimated after: 3 months


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