What kind of patients may require this type of intervention?

Patients wishing the treatment of the Scars or wrinkles which are difficult-to-eliminate (upper lip)

What is the principle of this technology?

Lasers CO2 has been used in various fields of medicine (surgery, dermatology and aesthetics) for more than 20 years. These are ablatives lasers with a little thermal effect.

The intervention of laser CO2 is beneficial for to treat middles and deep wrinkles, scars, etc. The CO2 traditional is named resurfacing laser CO2, which is very efficiency in the treatment of the scars and facial wrinkles but its very often is associated with symptoms of long-standing erythema which involve the time of social eviction disagreeable for the patient.
Fractional laser CO2 appeared on the ground of fractional technique utilizable in the lasers for non-ablatives resurfacing. The fractionation means the distribution of laser beam in many little beams (micro-beams) in a distance. Inside of these little beams, healthy skin contributes the cicatrization and reduces the duration symptoms of long-standing erythema.

Laser CO2 penetrates into the skin on several scores of microns, it means that its affects the first lowers, essentially epidermis and superficial derma. Laser’s rayon interacts with the water contained in this epidermis. The lowers superficial thanks to impact of the laser CO2 are subjected to the vaporization and as a result to remodeling and to the synthesis of collagen in the areas of surfaces which were treated. This reorganization of epidermis et of dermis can continue during a several number of months after the treatment.

What are the zones which currently are subject of the treatment?

Fractional Laser CO2 allows treating currently the face but also the neck, decollate and hands.

How many procedures are required to achieve the result?

Fractional Laser CO2 can mainly be limited to the treatment more or less aggressive depending on the choice of patients and their worry how reduces the period of the exclusion from socio-professional activities. Several procedures of fractional laser CO2 (3 or 4) with rehabilitation during three days or one unique procedure after one week approximate.

How does the procedure for this intervention go?

Initially, the application of the gel anesthetic to areas that will be subjected to the intervention is realized in 60 - 90 minutes before the procedure.

Ocular Protection and application of laser on the skin by the successive pulsing due to selected parameters. Duration of the procedure on the visage is 20 approximate.

What should I do after the sessions?

Apply a soothing cream. Sensations of the heat which is decreased in 12 -24 hours.

The skin is covered by little white points which will became progressively brown and completely disappear in a 3-5 days. A little oedema, more important manifested in the region of eyelids can be complement with the desquamation.
The skin can stay rather rosy during several weeks before to return in normal state.

QWhich are the contra-indications?

This procedure is contraindicated to for pregnant and nursing women, in case of skin infection, herpes in the increase, bronzing skin, infectious state, biotherapy, neoplastic lesion of the skin. Every modification of the usual procedure of treatment must be communicated to your doctor before the act.
Must be avoided the taking of VITAMINE C in large quantities (>800 mg per day), aspirin (ASPEGIC, KARDEGIC …), anti-inflammatory drug (VOLTARENE, PROFENID, FELDENE …), cortisone (SOLUPRED, CELESTENE …), thrombolytic aggregate (PLAVIX, ASASSANTINE …), anticoagulants (PREVISCAN, SINTROM …), cream on the basis of Vitamine A Acide (RETINOVA, KETREL …), one week before the treatment by LASER.

What is the price of one session?

The price from 150 EUROS(without VAT) to 500 EUROS (without VAT)



Hyaluronic acid

The injection of hyaluronic acid allow to impart volumes aesthetics to areas of the face which have lost their volumes with the temporary aging, and with the same time to have an effect on the sagged skin of face.


Allows a significant and even complete reduction of forehead wrinkles in a state of rest and without affecting the mobility of the forehead with different facial expressions.

Les skinboosters

To achieve a fresh look of skin.


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