What kind of patients may require this type of intervention?

This intervention is intended for male patients who have an increase in the volume of the mammary gland, more often of a two-sided and symmetrical nature, with an elastic density palpable. Gynecomastia should be distinguished from adipomastia, which is noted in much more frequent cases and is a local excessive fat deposition. Manifestations of adipomastia are not distinguished by their centering in relation to areola, their density is mild, imperceptible, bilateral, symmetrical, while both manifestations can be noted simultaneously (adipo-gynecomastia).

What are the causes of gynecomastia?

In general, there is no specific cause, together with this in some cases it may be associated with abnormal hormone production or by taking of certain medications. Carrying out biological research and obtaining visualization is necessary to exclude the case of probability

What is the purpose of this intervention?

Surgical intervention has as its purpose the correction of the manifestation of 2 major anomalies:

Reduction of breast volume: by lipoaspiration to eliminate excess fat and surgical resection of glandular tissue with respect to the mammary gland

Correction of excess skin tissue: mainly by reducing the volume of glandular tissue will allow for sufficient retraction of the skin. This retraction of the skin will be favored by lipoaspiration but the degree of its manifestation will be the more pronounced, the younger is the patient and the presence of a skin of good quality(elastic skin without stretch marks). In some cases, in the presence of a too pronounced manifestation of excess skin, the surgeon may deem it necessary to perform its reduction, but at the cost of this will be the remaining scars after surgery.

What are the remaining scars?

Length of scars depends on the severity of excess skin tissue:

 - if the excess skin tissue is of a moderate nature, the usual retraction of the skin after the lipoaspiration will usually be sufficient. The available scars will be the same as after lipoaspiration( 2 scars for 5 mm for each breast) and possibly a scar as when performing a mastectomy, in case this intervention seems necessary(the scar in the lower part of the areola in place of its connection with a lighter skin).

 - if the surplus of dermal tissue is expressed, then in this case tissue resection around the areola will be required, the scar remaining after the intervention will be around the entire areola along its entire circumference in 360 degrees at the site of its connection with the lighter skin.

 - if the surplus of dermal tissue is too pronounced, this case will require a resection of the skin tissue of a more pronounced plan, while the remaining scars will manifest as a horizontal scar in the natural crease of the lower part of the breast.

What are the basic steps in the elimination of gynecomastia?

2 incisions of 5 mm for each breast

Reduction of breast volume is primarily performed by lipoaspiration

In case that a simple decrease in the volume of mammary glands appears to be insufficient, then additional excision of the breast tissue is performed by means of an incision in the lower part of the areola

If it is necessary to conduct an intervention to correct the manifestation of excess skin tissue, it will be performed on the basis of an individual approach.

The application of the applied seams is carried out by absorbable filaments of small size.

Imposition of a modeling dressing and putting on a compression vest

Duration of the intervention: 1 hour

What kind of anesthesia is required when eliminating gynecomastia?

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia.

How usually is the recovery period after the intervention of gynecomastia?

The intervention is performed in the usual way “out - patiently” with the possibility of leaving the clinic on the same day after several hours of follow-up. In some cases, hospitalization may be required for one night with the possibility of leaving the clinic the next day after the intervention.

How usually is the recovery period after the intervention?

It is necessary to change the bandage every day for 14 days. All seams are absorbable and the compression vest prescribed for wearing should be worn during 1 month after the intervention. In the case of lipoaspiration painful sensations such as those causing aching and excessive fatigue were usually noted during 7-14 days. Exercise and excessively active lifestyle should be avoided during first 2 months.

What is the cost of the cure of gynecomastia ?

The price of the cost for the gynecomasty varies between 2500 and 3500 euros.

An example of one of the cases of Gynecomastia


This patient turned to us about the elimination of gynecomastia. He was not noted in the previous, any anamnesis that could contribute to the development of this manifestation. Hormonal examination and obtaining of visualization did not reveal hidden pathologies, and ultrasound of the breast led to the adoption of conclusion about the prevailing of fat. So, in this case we are talking about idiopathic gynecomastia, the basis of which is mainly the fat component(adipomastia).
The patient complained of the female look of his breasts, especially during the hot period, and he was extremely inconvenienced by the appearance of the nipples, especially when wearing t-shirts. The patient would like to have a more flat form of the chest, not too prominent when wearing this type of clothes.

The examination revealed a thick and dense subcutaneous fat layer in the mammary gland region confirming the presence of adipomastia and at the same time without the simultaneous presence of excess skin tissue.

This patient was intervened to eliminate gynecomastia by lipoaspiration.On the one hand, it allowed to eliminate the manifestation of an excess of volume and, on the other hand, to favor the achievement of optimal skin retraction.

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Before the intervention

· Consultation with your surgeon

· Consultation with the anesthesiologist

· Resolution of administrative issues: cost estimate, consent, photos

· Recommendations: quit smoking within 1 month before the intervention

Cure de Gynecomastia

· Anesthesia: general anesthesia

· Duration of intervention: 1-2 hours.

· You can leave the clinic on the same day after the intervention or the next day

After the intervention

· Care procedures: antiseptic for scars 14 j

· Wearing of supporting compression jacket for 1 month

· Removal of threads: all threads are absorbable

· Exclusion from socio-professional activities: 7 days

· The final result achieved can be estimated after: 2 months


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