What kind of patients may require this type of intervention?

This intervention is intended for patients who have mammary hipoplasia, in other words, breast size considered insufficient in relation to the overall morphology of the patient. Mammary gland malnutrition is often very poorly perceived physically and psychologically by the patient who sees in her as a kind of attempt at expression of femininity and as a result of loss of self-confidence and poor health which in some cases may even lead to the formation of the most genuine inferiority complex.

What is the purpose of this intervention?

The purpose of this intervention is to perform an increase in breast volume on an “individualized basis”: the expected result is the achievement of a more pronounced breast shape while remaining in perfect harmony with the patient’s figure.

How to choose breast prostheses? Directional preoperative consultation

Preoperative consultation allows to answer 4 important questions that arise when choosing prostheses:

What form of prosthesis to choose? Round or anatomical?

Anatomical prosthesis is usually suitable for patients who want to find a ‘smoothly descending” décolleté area with the achievement of a very natural character of the result.

A round prosthesis is suitable for patients who wish to achieve a more forward-facing decollete area with less natural result.

What size of prosthesis to choose?

The size of the prosthesis should be chosen proceeding from the account of 6 parameters determined during the course of the consultation: the growth of the patient, the width of the chest of the present volume of mammary glands, the thickness of the adipose tissue under the skin, the thickness of the layer of glandular tissue of the mammary glands, the amount of skin present in the breast area of the patient.

Where should be placed prosthesis: under the pectoral muscle or under the gland?

This decision should be primarily determined taking into account the existing thickness of adipose tissue, the shape of the chosen prosthesis and the presence of the expression of preoperative ptosis of the breast:

The placement of the prosthesis “under pectoral muscle” is very suitable for patients of a lean physique with no signs of sagging the mammary glands.

The placement of the implant “under the mammary gland” is mainly recommended for patients with a relatively full figure who have signs of sagging breasts.

Through what incision is the installation of the breast prosthesis?

There are 3 possible ways: periareolar, submammary and transaxillary. This decision should be primarily determined taking into account the size of the selected prosthesis, the growth of the patient and the size of the nipple areolas and the position of submammary folds.

In the periareolar approach, the incision is made in the lower part of the areola at the site of their connection to the skin.

At submammary performance of an incision the scar will settle down in a natural fold of the bottom part of a breast.

Transaxillar scar will be in the armpit.

What are the main stages of breast augmentation with the help of implants?

The cut is performed through the access method determined during the consultation
The prosthetic bed will be under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland +/- dual plan, performed on the basis of an individual approach depending mainly on the size of the prosthesis.

Implants will be subject to placement in the bed made by them, and their location is subject to complete control

In some cases with a clearly expressed ptosis of the breast (sagging breasts) in combination with other negative manifestations of an aesthetic nature, a reduction in the skin surrounding the mammary gland can be performed.

The implementation of a small drainage procedure in some cases may seem necessary to eliminate manifestations of postoperative bleeding: the installed drainage is removed the next day after the intervention.

Injection with the nature of local anesthesia is performed in the area of the large pectoral muscle to reduce the manifestation of postoperative pain.

The application of the applied seams is carried out by absorbable filaments of small size.

Application of a dressing of the classical type is performed on the area of the formed scar.

At the end of the intervention, the patient will wear a bra with a supporting effect.

Duration of the intervention: 1 hour

What kind of anesthesia is required for breast augmentation with the help of implants?

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia.

What duration of hospitalization is required after the intervention?

The intervention is performed in the usual way “out-patiently” with the possibility of leaving the clinic on the same day after several hours of follow-up. To ensure maximum comfort, the patient can be recommended to spend the first night after the intervention in the clinic.

How is usually the period of recovery after the intervention?

DIt is necessary to do bandages every day for 14 days. All seams are absorbable and prescribed for wearing a bra should be worn for 1 month after the intervention.

In the first 3 days, pain can occur, especially if the implants were installed in a rather large volume and placed under the pectoral muscle. In order to change the severity of these painful manifestations, injection with the character of local anesthesia is performed in the region of the large pectoral muscle during the intervention. The exercise and over-active lifestyle should be avoided within first 2 months.

What is the price of breast augmentation?

The price of breast augmentation varies between 4200 and 4800 euros.

Example of one of the cases of using Breast Prostheses


This patient asked for advice about aesthetic breast surgery. She didn’t have any special history of anamnesis before and the patient didn’t smoke. After giving birth, she breastfed for 1 month. Her request concerned exclusively breasts. She complained as a loss of volume of breasts finding them rather small in size and at discrepancy with her figure considering that their form differs among other things by sagging.
At examination in the patient the volume of mammary glands to which the size bra A approaches, but thus presence of a surplus of a dermal tissue causing a display of a ptosis of a breast noted on both parties.

This patient underwent an intervention to increase the breast with the help of implants selected on the basis of an individual approach to each mammary gland. A detailed analysis of the patient’s morphology(the patient’s growth, the width of the chest, the current volume of mammary glands, the thickness of the adipose tissue under the skin, the thickness of the layer of the glandular tissue of the mammary glands, the amount of skin present in the patient’s breast area)allowed us to simultaneously choose a solution both in terms of the technique of performing the intervention and the choice of the most adapted to the specific case of the prosthesis for the patient.

The anatomical prosthesis was chosen taking into account the result of the examination, taking into account the presence of a small layer of adipose tissue in the patient. In terms of size was chosen implant 280cc. The prosthesis was placed under the pectoral muscle to avoid visual visibility of the contours of the prosthesis after the intervention of the patient with a rather brittle physique. As the access route, a submammary method (in the lower fold of the breast) was selected taking into account the small postoperative ptosis of the breast that allows to completely hiding the scar.

This intervention made it possible to achieve a harmonious combination of the size of the breast with respect to the patient’s figure, while with an entirely located the nipple areola located at the apex of the cone of the breast and a rounded lower part, obtaining a natural appearance without any manifestation of tension.

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Before the intervention

· Consultation with your surgeon

· Consultation with the anesthesiologist

· Resolution of administrative issues: cost estimate, consent, photos

· Recommendations: quit smoking within 1 month before the intervention

Prothèses mammaires

· Anesthesia: general anesthesia

· Durée de l’Before the intervention: 1 heure

· You can leave the clinic on the same day after the intervention or the next day

After the intervention

· Care procedures: antiseptic for scars within 14 days

· Wearing a supporting bra for 1 month

· Removal of threads: all threads are absorbable

· Exclusion from socio-professional activities: 7 days

· The final result achieved can be estimated after: 2 months


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