The most beautiful bend in a woman is her smile...


Your appearance has the ability to really affect the quality of your everyday life?
This idea is laid in the basis of the aesthetic foundation of our speciality .It is quite obvious that in a modern society where the opinion formed at the first impression will have a significant impact on our life, both personally and professionally, that is why it is so important to be in conformity with the image that we send out.
The often existing discrepancy between the personality and the image sent by a person is a classically recognized fact of failure in personal and professional relations.
The goal of my work, in my understanding, I see in achievement of the least possible inconsistency, so that the image you are reflecting is closest to the one you want to produce on others. Above all I want to make you not only attractive but mainly to achieve giving you a sense of awareness of your own beauty. Of course, my goal is not the goal of radical transformations, but only the provision of sufficient assistance that will allow you to regain a joyful smile every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror.


D O C T O R   J O N A T H A N   B O U H A S S I R A

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Documents on qualification and diplomas

Plastic and aesthetic Surgeon

· Former head of the Clinic Hospitals of Paris : Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery of Professor Meningaud(Pr. Meningaud) at the University Hospital Center Henri Mondor(CHU Henri Mondor)
· Former Assistant-Specialist in the field of Plastic Surgery
· Former Intern of the Hospitals of Paris
· Diploma of Additional Secondary Specialized Education(DESC) in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery(Paris VII)
· Diploma of Complete Secondary Education(DES) in specialization General Surgery
· Master’s Degree 2 (Master 2) in the field of Surgical findings concerning lipofilling (Paris XII)
· Graduate in Microsurgery (Paris V)
· Graduate in Aesthetic Medicine (Paris XII)
· Graduate in the field of Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Body (Paris V)
· Graduate in the field of problems after burns(Paris V)
· Master’s Degree in Human Genetics
· Master’s Degree in Cellular Therapy and Biotherapy
· Master’s Degree in Biostatics and Health
· Lecturer during internship
· Member of the scientific communities of aesthetic medicine, plastic and aesthetic surgery


Doctor Jonathan Bouhassira, specialist in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, was included in the Council of the Professional Association of Doctors of the Maritime Alps under the number 13219


The activity practiced by him focuses mainly on aesthetic medicine and procedures of aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and silhouette area.
He received medical education in Paris at The University Hospital’s Faculty of Medicine Lariboisiere Saint-Louis. After successfully completing the internship, he was engaged in professional activities for 3 months in Chicago in the Department of Plastic Surgery of the North-West Hospital. (Northwestern Hospital). The experience he gained had a decisive role and convinced him in terms of internship in plastic arts of Paris.
5 years of internship conducted in the most famous in its field of Paris plastic surgery departments allowed him to acquire full-fledged training both in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.
After that, he continued his professional activity for 1 year as an assistant-specialist, then for 2 years as the head of the clinic of the Department of Plastic Surgery of Henri Mondor Hospital under the guidance of Professor Meningo.


Doctor Jonathan Bouhassira is the author of numerous articles and publications on aesthetic medicine, plastic and aesthetic surgery.
He participated in numerous research projects as part of the Plastic Surgery Department of the University Hospital Center Henri Mondor (CHU Henri Mondor) and directly supervised , within one year the Lipofilling and Platelet Enriched Plasma (PRP) unit INSERM U955.
He is the author of 2 books, has conducted more than a hundred conferences on various topics of medical and surgical nature for the preparation for the entrance exams in medicine.
He took part in the teaching of university education in anatomy to students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Paris 12 for 2 years and was able to give a decent education on the basis of the site of the operating block to numerous interns in all areas in which he has exclusive competence: from aesthetic surgery to a very specialized area of reconstructive surgery. Dr. Jonathan Bouhassira is the author of numerous articles and publications on aesthetic medicine, plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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18 Saramartel Cosmetic Center

18 Saramartel Cosmetic center: Aesthetic center of the highest level.
  Dr. Jonathan Bouhassira Conducts consultations at the address 18 Saramartel Cosmetic Center, in a prestigious place, located far from prying eyes on Cap d’Antibes. This center is an example of advanced technologies combining the best procedures of interventions that have proven effective in terms of aesthetic medicine and in the field of aesthetic surgery.
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Doctor Jonathan Bouhassira performs surgical interventions in a Polyclinique Saint Jean that is subject to accreditation by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the norms, rules and requirements of the law of March 4, 2002, guaranteeing each patient the necessary safety in performing interventions in the field of

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